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Our National Body, Waka Ama NZ  sanctions the Takapuna Beach Cup. The Event’s rules and regulations work in conjunction with the Waka Ama Official Race Rules. If there are any discrepancies the Event’s rules and regulations will overrule that of Waka Ama NZ

Link to Waka Ama Race Rules 

WANZ Paddler ID (NZ Paddlers Only)


The Takapuna Beach Cup is sanctioned by Waka Ama NZ. As part of our sanctioning agreement we may only accept entires from members of clubs affiliated to Waka Ama NZ. To enter and compete in our Event you must have a Waka Ama Paddler ID number.


Age Restriction


All paddlers must be 16 years of age or be turning 16 within the calendar year of the Event.

Any team found to have under aged paddlers racing in their crews will be disqualified immediately and the club will be banned from competing in the Event for 1 year.



Open Men, Women &  Mixed - 16 or be turning 16 within the calendar year of the Event.

Master Men, Women &  Mixed - 40 years & over in calendar year of competition.

Senior Master Men, Women & Mixed - 50 years & over in calendar year of competition.

Golden Master Men, Women & Mixed - 60 years & over in calendar year of competition.

There needs to be a minimum entry of three (3) teams to make a division.

Please note that if there are insufficient entries in any category your team will automatically be relegated to the next age division.




Men’s team - OC1 2 Male paddlers only; OC2 4 Male paddlers only.

Women’s crew - OC1 2 Female paddlers only; OC2 4 Female paddlers only.

Mixed crews – OC1 1 Male & 1 Female paddler; OC2 2 Male & 2 Female paddlers only.

Crews may have paddlers from mixed clubs, provided all New Zealand paddlers are registered members of NKOA and all International paddlers have approved international insurance.

No replacement of original paddlers is permitted once racing has commenced.

In addition all paddlers must be able to do the following

  • Be able to swim unaided for minimum of 50 metres
  • Be fit enough and competent enough to compete and finish the race
  • Be competent in righting and bailing an overturned or swamped craft
  • Have sufficient nutritional liquids for the duration of the race




First place will be eligible for prize money, provided there is a minimum of 5 teams in that division.

Medals will be presented to all 1st, 2nd & 3rd places provided there is a minimum of 3 teams in that division.




All Canoes (including rigging, iako, ama, hull shape) must meet current NKOA requirements. Optional whether canoes are rudder or rudderless

Canoe numbers will be issued at registration and must be prominent and readable on the bow of canoes.

Each entry must provide approved personal flotation devices for each paddler in their team.

Paddles must be single bladed and may otherwise be of any shape and material.

Please Note: Only one canoe is to be used per team. 

The Takapuna Beach Cup Race Committee shall have the final decision on approving or disapproving any equipment or canoe.


Waiver form


All paddlers are required to sign a Waiver form before each race they complete in. Please ensure each crew member signs the waiver form. No crew will be allow to race until we have the fully signed waiver form. If we find that any information on the Waiver form has been falsified, the crew will be disqualified immediately. 


Race Briefing


Paddlers must attend the race briefing prior to the race. A Paddlers will be required to sign an attendance register. Your crew will not be able to start the race if your name is not signed on the attendance register.


Safety Checks


A random pre-race check of canoes may be carried out and any Canoe not meeting the requirements will not be allowed to be used in the race.


Start Procedure


Canoes will line up on the waters edge or between designated buoys, dependent on weather conditions. Paddlers will stand beside their Canoe until the Race start Flag & Horn if it's a beach start, otherwise it will be a normal deep water start.

5 minute warning of start will be announced and a Red Flag will indicate approximately 1 minute before start. Green Flag indicates racing can commence. The flag times are a maximum and may be reduced at the Race Director’s discretion. Start will be upon raising of the Green Flag and blast of horn.

Any crew over the line or paddler not standing beside their Canoe when the race commences may be disqualified or subject to time penalty at the Race Director’s discretion.


The Course


The course is a triangular 4km Circuit set off Takapuna Beach and will be set dependant on the conditions prevailing on the day. Each crew will be required to complete 6 Laps. All teams will start at the same time and will line up between the designated start line Buoys.
The finish line will be a dry finish on Takapuna Beach of which 1 Crew Member must cross the marked line. Any team not following the designated course may be disqualified or subject to a time penalty at the Race Director’s discretion.


Change Overs


Changeovers will be at the waters edge with the incoming paddler tagging the outgoing paddler who will run thru a designated area which will electronically record the team’s number and lap time. For the OC2 relay teams it is only necessary for one of the incoming paddlers to tag only one of the outgoing paddlers.




Protests must be lodged in writing with a $50 non-refundable fee to the Race Committee no more than 15 minutes after finishing the race.



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